George Gao Says We May Never Know COVID Origins

For those familiar with my post on Event 201, the Tabletop exercise that mimicked the COVID-19 Pandemic that came just weeks after Event 201, George Gao who is the Tony Fauci of China, participated in Event 201. He along with representatives for the CIA, military, Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation and media pros painstakingly mapped out in exquisite detail how to “flood the zone” with a their tailored narrative, while forcefully censoring any and all opposing views. Why Gao is saying “we may never know” the origins of COVID-19 or why the reporter is just accepting GAO’s spiel without referencing electronic footprints dating back to 2016 that proves the lab origins of COVID, is beyond logic. That March 14, 2016 scientific article “SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence” leaves no doubts. If someone tells you what they’re going to do — or in this case tells you what they’ve done — and then does it, puts it on the record, are you then going to believe them? Here’s a link to a smoking gun.

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