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5th Generation Warfare, Dr. Robert Malone’s Masterful Presentation

I’m a student of mass media, been fascinated by mass media since I was 16 years old. I majored in it in college, earned my Master’s degree in it and spent the lion’s share of my career as a practitioner. So, I think I know a little about mass media and its power to influence and yes, manipulate. Over decades in the field, which included Media Relations, which is a subset of Public Relations, I practiced the craft of strategic messaging. In fact, most people don’t know that the field of Public Relations itself actually has its original roots in Propaganda. Look it up!

This presentation by Dr. Robert Malone is one of the most powerful presentations I’ve ever been exposed to. And it’s powerful on so many levels, with so many layers to it. While we fight over political parties, fight over race and Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Abortion and guns and a host of other wedge issues, unbeknownst to most, we are being cruelly manipulated. And as we lob haymakers at each other, we are totally oblivious to unseen forces playing us all like a fiddle. As you take in this powerful presentation, think about its content as you watch TV, as you take in TV commercials, as you watch MSNBC, CNN, Fox or the evening network news. As you scroll down your Facebook or Twitter feed, know that there are people who you will never see or know who’re pulling the strings, unseen forces who are making decisions on what “News” is and how they can manipulate your thinking, how we can be divided to the point of turning on each other. This is real. For the last three years, I’ve been actively embroiled in an Information War. And it’s taken its toll on me of late, as I am weary from fighting powerful forces who hold all the cards. Yet, having digested this presentation, I’m reinvigorated to continue the fight — even in the face of blatant censorship. WATCH THIS PRESENTATION.

Successful Early Treatment South African Doctor’s Predictions Ring Accurate

With ever increasing evidence emerging about the damage being done by the COVID gene therapy jabs, it’s instructive to take a look back to doctors who warned about the perils of mass vaccinations from the beginning. Dr. Shankara Chetty was one of them. In fact, Dr. Chetty stated that absent a detailed analysis of “All-Cause Mortality,” experts will be stymied from determining the full extent of damage these experimental drugs have had.

Dr. Robert Malone on FDA: “They Didn’t Do Their Job”

“They didn’t do genome toxicity. They didn’t do biodistribution. They didn’t do pharmacokinetics. It goes on and on. Why didn’t they do their job?”

Mint Press Summary of The Twitter Files You May Have Missed

In the midst of the holiday season Elon Musk and Twitter released the so-called Twitter Files. I don’t pay much attention to corporate media these days but I’d bet my one and only life that they glossed over the major portions of these revelations. Rest assured you can extrapolate what took place on Twitter to other government-controlled social media platforms like FACEBOOK and YouTube. Whether or not you can do anything about government sleuths, censorship, information suppression or cut-throat clandestine coup attempts, you can, at minimum, know about them. Mint Press captures the most powerful elements of the Twitter Files and the actions of our shadow government.

Canadian Physician Chris Shoemaker Takes No Prisoners When it Comes to COVID Vaccines

This is the complete interview of Canadian physician Chris Shoemaker. There’s no equivocation with Dr. Shoemaker.

John Campbell Says It’s Time To Stop the Shots

Been following John Campbell for the better part of two years. What I like about him is he is doggedly data driven. He’s produced scores of YouTube videos focusing on COVID vaccine efficacy, vaccine immunity versus natural immunity and vaccine injuries. He’s one of many VACCINATED medical practitioners who have come out as vocal opponents of these synthetic computer-generated gene therapy that many experts say is harming millions of people worldwide. Take note that this segment is on Rumble the social media platform, and not YouTube which is censoring him. Why? He, like a growing chorus of doctors, is calling for the end of these neither safe nor effective “vaccines.”

Correlation is NOT Causation, But …

No, correlation is not causation. Frankly, I don’t know what to make of this phenomenon of Sudden Death — in many cases healthy young people dying of heart failure, cardiac arrest. I heard a remarkable round table discussion the other night on Twitter that included a broad spectrum of medical pros, from pro-vaccine stances to anti COVID vaccine folks. One doctor said he’s torn about the what happened to Damar Hamlin because he’s seen all the videos on social media showing athletes passing out (some dying) on the field. He said he’s struggling with whether it’s like purchasing a new Hyundai Palisade car and then noticing all the Palisades on the roads. Meaning because there’s been so many video images of (presumably vaccinated) athletes having heart attacks that he’s hyper sensitive to the point of projecting that onto Hamlin. And he’s got plenty of company. I’ve seen those videos too. And that’s precisely what I thought when I saw Hamlin keel over.

I blame all of this on government/Big Tech censorship. For those folks who’re furious at people who’d speculate about the vaccines while Damar is fighting for his life — this is what censorship buys you! If career medical experts and people in general were not censored, if there was healthy discourse and debate from the beginning of this pandemic, there’d be no undercurrent of so-called “antivaxxers” and ”conspiracy theorists.” This dialogue would have been out in the open. I agree with these two Cardiologists. Until such time these unexplained sudden deaths are thoroughly investigated, it’s fair game to suspect that these experimental COVID drugs are the problem, Until Proven Otherwise!

Peer Reviewed Study of Vaccine Trial Data Points to 1 in 800 Serious Adverse Events Another Voice Saying, Stop The Shots

The lead author of peer reviewed research re-analyzing Pfizer & Moderna trials on mRNA vaccine, Joseph Fraiman says given findings there should be an immediate suspension of COVID mRNA shots due to serious harms. “We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death.”

This is huge 🔥