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What Will Twitter, Post Elon Musk, Look Like?

Well we shall see what we shall see. All the hand-wringing and vitriol that’s been generated by Elon Musk buying Twitter is a sight to to behold. It’s going to be interesting to watch and see how or if Twitter is transformed given its new owner. Already Twitter users who’ve been suspended are re-emerging and there are posts that assert that their followers have magically increased since the takeover. In my mind as one who never bought into the Vaccine Pushers’ narrative, I’m curious to see if stories like this will continue to be shadow banned or hit with damaging disclaimers that automatically create questions about the veracity or believability of the information.

I would argue that the vast majority of the assaults on free speech have been directly related to two areas: Vaccines and Biden’s proxy war. Biden’s proxy war, otherwise being tabbed by Biden and Pelosi as #PutinPriceHike, has combined with COVID-19 “disinformation” to become the most comprehensive propaganda campaign in history. Try to find eyewitness accounts on Facebook and to a slightly lesser extent on Twitter. Reports from the ground by independent and citizen journalists have been seriously suppressed. I know. I’ve posted more than a few. You’re lucky if even people in your echo chamber — you know, the choir, even sees them. Will we see more on Twitter now that Musk has taken over and committed to free speech? Will the Twitter takeover prompt any changes with Facebook or YouTube? Both are guilty of feebly capitulating to government pressure and deleting credible established accounts. For we shall see what we shall see.

In the meantime, let’s put Elon to the test. Have you seen this report? You know the one that lends credence to the allegations that the US has multiple biological warfare labs in the Ukraine. There are three parts to the expose’ so make sure you read all three. And who is Metabiota? If you ask me, they sound a awful like Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance! Be sure to peruse their website and watch the video. Speaking of the video, is it not a 21st Century version of the Tarzan Syndrome? Here comes the “great white Father” to rescue the natives outta their ignorance. Imperial Benevolence, coming in the name of peace and goodwill! The key question is rooted in the ole proverbial ‘which comes first, the chicken or the egg. Or in this case, the animal virus or the vaccine!

Two Separate Reports Point to a 40 Percent Increase in Deaths 18-49 Year Olds

Two separate reports point to a 40 percent increase in deaths of 18-49 year olds. One report conducted by military doctors, the other by the Insurance industry. I’d like to see the finite details of the military doctor’s analysis, as well as learn more about the insurance industry’s findings. Let’s face it, the insurance industry is not one of the most stable and historically prosperous industries because they are accustomed to paying out death benefits for employment-age people.

Do look at this news report. This is a textbook example of an outstanding local TV news report, outstanding both by the anchor who prefaced the report astutely, asked all the right questions, and by the subject-matter expert, Dr. Kelly Victory, who painstakingly navigated an emotional, politicized and controversial topic, making sure she did not deviate from the facts as they are known. THIS is good reporting. Let science dictate the root cause once it is known. And let us all leave our political leanings at the door when it comes to our health and the health of our loved ones.

Let’s Talk “Conspiracy Theories”

Let’s talk “Conspiracy Theories” since some people want to summarily dismiss information that either doesn’t comport to their worldview or that they’re too lazy or fearful to verify themselves. and there’s no shortage of so-called Conspiracy Theories” to talk about. In fact, the term ‘conspiracy theory’ has its origin in the Central Intelligence Agency. Conspicuously absent from this particular post is 9-11. And I neglected to mention what I call ‘the Building 7 of COVID-19,’ Event 201. We’ll delve into detail on that at a later date.

Israeli Health Official Says it May Take Seven Jabs if Necessary to Curtail Pandemic

If the State of Israel is the standard bearer for the United States and other western nations, the citizens had better get their shoulders ready for even more jabs! In Israel’s case it may be as many as seven!

Should You Vaccinate Your 5-11 Year Old? Dr. Shankara Chetty Says Think Twice and Then Think Again

South African physician Shankara Chetty does not mince words when it comes to a question of whether parents should vaccinate their five to 11 year olds. Dr. Chetty, who has treated more than 7,000 COVID patients and has never lost one of those 7,000 patients to death or even hospitalization, says the vaccines are likely to do more harm than good.

Solution for Vaccine Hesitancy: Stop Lying & Fess Up!

Got a solution for “vaccine hesitancy” that President Joe Biden can use. Instead of resorting to strong-arming the military, the medical profession and private industry into taking a vaccine they are hesitant to take, how about doing something novel — tell the American people the truth about the origins of COVID-19. Tell us the truth. We can handle it. If you’re worried about citizens losing confidence and faith in vaccines, in medical science, they won’t — with a genuine healthy dose of the truth. Just be honest and lay out the truth and ask for our help out of the quandary. Here, let me help you. 

“My fellow Americans, it’s time for some straight talk. Your government has not been totally honest with you about the coronavirus, about COVID-19. The truth is, we live in a dangerous world with many adversaries and actors who would do harm to us as a nation. As a result of the dangers we face, your government has had to prepare itself for the worst of possibilities while hoping for the best. In the process of doing so, we’ve had to conduct research that some would find troubling. I’m speaking of biological and chemical substances that could be used to harm, to kill our citizens. We have legions of dedicated, brilliant scientists, epidemiologists, and the like, working each and every day to plan for this dreadful potential reality. It’s not pleasant work, but it’s our job to protect you. Our experts study some of the most infectious viruses and diseases known to man. We have to know about these dangerous pathogens so we know how to defend ourselves from them should we have to do so. It’s extremely tedious and dangerous work, requiring the utmost safety protocols. We take every measure to do so safely.

But we made a huge mistake recently. Under President Obama, we as a nation decided we would discontinue a defensive infectious disease policy named “Gain of Function.” What gain of function means is, in preparing ourselves for the effects of unknown viruses and infectious diseases, we made pathogens more infectious. Again, for military defensive purposes to keep our citizens safe. When President Obama stopped gain of function research, one of our agencies contracted with the Chinese government to further that research. This led to a laboratory accident which caused some of this dangerous material to get outside of their Wuhan facility and spread across the world. But we are confident that we now have it under control. As I speak, our scientists are working feverishly around the clock to develop better vaccines. The ones we are encouraging you to take now are effective at preventing you from getting seriously ill and dying. No, they won’t prevent you from contracting, even spreading the virus but they may save your life. We need all Americans to get vaccinated immediately because we know what’s in this stuff. And we need you to comply when we ask you to take any follow up booster shots …”

OK, you get the point. Fess up! Stop lying to the people. And yes, this proposed speech puts the best face on the biological warfare arms race that produced this catastrophe. The worst mistake that’s been made thus far was the decision to try to circumvent, to suppress, to censor any narrative that did not comport to what our government wanted us to know. This works well with lay persons, social media “experts” and people who don’t have a clue. But it’s disastrous when it comes to trying to keep the lid on career scientists who know better, particularly those who value ethics and integrity over government grants and personal and career expediency. And if along the way we discover that we’ve errored in our approach to mass vaccinations, that mass vaccinations in the midst of a pandemic was a mistake as virologist Geert Vanden Bossche has asserted for more than a year, FESS UP. We made a mistake. Americans, people, are forgiving. But let them begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together and find out it’s all been one big lie, one big cover-up — all Hell’s going to break loose, and the dismissive disclaimer of “conspiracy theorists” will lose all its value because the conspiracies will no linger be viewed as outlandish theories, but viable truths. Vaccine hesitancy is rooted in citizens lack of trust in their government. You want to end vaccine hesitancy? Start by telling us the truth about the origins of this virus!