Chuck Penn Sr., Publisher of DiopianStyle

Warm Greetings. Hi, my name is Chuck Penn. I’m a retired career communications professional who spent his career primarily in TV production, producing and hosting a public TV series I created as well as working in a number of media and public relations capacities. DiopianStyle takes its name from the great multi-disciplinarian scholar Cheikh Anta Diop. In taking his name, I recognize that the standard Dr. Diop established is a lofty one that was rooted in academic integrity and verifiable documentation. It is my will to not engage is self-serving rhetoric but to present information that corporate media ignore or is unwilling to share. I will focus on a myriad of topics and issues in the news, on social media and in conversations we have in the privacy of our own homes. So much information today is presented as news, opinion and information that lacks any semblance of CONTEXT. We’ll delve into contemporary issues that impact the black world in particular but also the world at large. We’ll delve into history, media, education, healthcare, and the forces that shape our world and our worldviews.

A little about what inspired me to start a blog. In one word: COVID-19! I found myself in the midst of an information war over to take or not take COVID vaccines. In the beginning it wasn’t a matter of IF I’d take the vaccine but WHEN. But I, like many other African heritage people, am painfully aware of the some of the questionable shenanigans the US government has engaged in over the decades when it comes to experimenting on unsuspecting people, in Africa, in Asia and here in the United States. So I was taking a very cautious approach. Once I dug in and began to learn of the plight of doctors all around the world who were being stymied from practicing their craft by government bureaucrats who never treated a patient, and how many were being maligned, careers ruined, and censored, I began to pay attention to these career medical professionals. And what they were saying. Physicians like Dr. Peter McCullough, Shankara Chetty, Geert Vanden Bossche and even Robert Malone, who was instrumental in the development of mRNA technology itself, was raked over the coals.

When I began posting on Facebook about these and other doctors and peer-reviewed data that were contrary to the propaganda that was being disseminated, Facebook began harassing me, placing on restrictions because of supposed violations of community standards, and suppressing my posts. So much so that I was reduced to “tagging” people just so THEY could see my posts. And of course, I was subjected to insults and disparaging epithets from some social media users such as “anti-vaxxer” and “conspiracy theorist.” Determined, I vowed to dig in begin to write about it. Only to discover that Twitter “shadow bans” material as well. A cursory look at my page and you’ll note that there’s not a lot of activity on my posts. COVID, vaccines and all is not all that interest me. Another topic I’ve weighed in on over the years is the US’ propensity for Regime Changers. I created a mantra for these neocons of both political parties. I call them “The Regime Changers, coming to a nation near you.” And to posit any information contrary to the blatant and unprecedented propaganda being spewed outta corporate media is considered a crime by today’s social media Thought Police. So I’ve found that not only are my posts on COVID-19, its origins, the 60-85 day “vaccines” shadow banned and suppressed so are my posts on Biden & The Regime Changer’s proxy war in the Ukraine. Hopefully, I find other topics to delve into but as of this writing, so much is riding on waking my brethren up!

Please feel free to weigh in.