DEBUNKED: Ebola Origin’s “Patient Zero” Story: Every Western Media Outlet Bought It As Gospel

Some of you may recall that Professor Francis Boyle did not hesitate during both of my recent interviews with him to say that the Ebola Virus came out of a US-run laboratory in the West African nation Sierra Leone. And he explicitly mentioned the Kenema lab. This is a recent interview with Sierra Leonian journalist Chernoh Bah. Mr. Bah has been investigating the Ebola outbreak since its inception and has found the story of “patient zero” completely bogus. The tragedy of it all, besides the 11,500 souls who died from this mysterious virus, is NO effort was taken by Western journalists to parse the completely ridiculous story behind Ebola. Instead it was automatically embraced that a two-year old child who turned out to be only 18-month old playing in an old tree trunk contracted Ebola from a fruit bat and passed the virus on to others. Kinda reminds me of an interview I did years ago with Janine Jackson of Fairness and Accuracy is Reporting (FAIR) wherein she stated, “Well, there are more reporters covering the New York Yankees than there are covering the entire continent of Africa. That tells you something about the priorities of news media in this country.”

THIS IS A HUGE STORY! Mr. Bah has written a book on this. He’s an exile in this country, working on a Ph.D who’s under death threats from his country for exposing corruption in the Sierra Leone government. With the revelations of COVID-19 coming out of a lab as a product of government actors from both China and the US, some scientists are now taking a closer look at Ebola.

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