Republicans Dodge COVID-ORIGIN Inconvenient Truths

There goes that 800 pound gorilla in the room again! What about the NIH, NIAID, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DOD), the CDC Office of Acquisition Services (HHS), National Science Foundation, Division of Environmental Biology, USAID, Office of Health Affairs Acquisition Division, Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept of Agriculture, USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service, Department of the Interior, US Fish and Wildlife Services — ALL OF THESE AGENCIES SIGNATURES ARE ON GRANTS TO FUND EcoHealth Alliance AND the Chinese government to develop what turned out to be COVID-19. How in the world can they skirt around this most salient information???? If this on-the-record information is so readily available that I have it, how is it that it’s not being focused on???? Rhetorical question! We know why. It’s called Complicity!!

“Ratcliffe called it “unjustifiable” that the CIA had not reached a conclusion yet, arguing that “this is a matter of won’t, not can’t.” The former spy chief stressed that “the only plausible assessment the agency could make is that a virus which killed over a million Americans originated in a Chinese Communist Party-controlled lab whose research included work for the Chinese military” but that “such an assessment would have enormous geopolitical implications that the Biden administration seemingly does not want to face head-on.” Ratcliffe said the Biden administration has been “reluctant” to confront the China challenge, including allowing a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the continental United States and not responding strongly to Chinese threats against U.S. lawmakers who traveled to Taiwan. The former GOP Texas congressman also said it didn’t happen often but that “intelligence on China” was “suppressed” from him during his tenure as director of national intelligence, calling that “improper.””

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