Cookie Cutter Division Served Here!

I stopped watching MSNBC and CNN a couple of months ago and I rarely ever paid any attention to Fox News, whom I’ve been railing at for decades. Well it took me about five minutes today to rediscover why I will continue to ignore the noise from all of them! Caught just a snippet of MSNBC afternoon anchor Nicole Wallace whining about ”Republicans” and their cavalier “disease promotion and indifference to death.” Of course she was bemoaning those ’right-wingers’ for having the audacity to question vaccine mandates and the accepted holy grail vaccine orthodoxy that’s being stuffed down everybody’s throat. Mind you, all of this, as is standsrd for today’s ’us versus them’ paradigm, is presented in such a nice neat little cookie cutter package so that we can all know who the enemy is. Well, what about all of us who don’t fall within this profitable cable news revenue-producing matrix? I’m certainly not a right-winger. I am the antithesis of a Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, a Laura Ingraham. These folks have been pushing their race-tainted agenda for years, most recently manifested in the Critical Race Theory tempest in a teapot.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace

But one thing I’m compelled to do is to give Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson credit for is his questioning of the origins of COVID, his questioning of the current vaccines and the vaccine protocol. Yea, I said that! None of anchors on CNN or MSNBC are questioning anything Fauci and the Alphabet Soup agencies are positing. They’re rubber stamps, simply parroting the official line. Don Lemon wants to deny the unvaccinated entry into a grocery store! “Why are they believing Donald Trump, who lies more than he tells the truth on any given day of the week?” says Lemon. You see, that’s been the biggest problem with cable news coverage of COVID since day one. It’s been politicized and framed in the usual us versus them context. Nevermind that not everyone fits neatly into their cookie cutter paradigm. Tucker Carlson may be taking this vaccine sceptic narrative just to be contrary to his competition but at least someone is at least trying to appear as keeping the vaccine Thought Police honest. Which is more than can be said for CNN, MSNBC, 60 Minutes and the like.

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