Whatever Happened to NFAC, Not Fucking Around Coalition?

Remember John Fitzgerald Johnson, aka Grand Master Jay, the brother who spearheaded the NFAC, Not Fucking Around Coalition, the summer of 2020? Haven’t heard a peep about him since the authorities decided to make an example outta him by conjuring up some trumped up charges that he pointed his gun at police. Have you? Not only did they charge him or a federal level, months after this alleged crime took place, hours later he was arrested again on State charges too. Initially, there were five charges, but four of them have been dropped. The last time I checked someone had started a Go Fund Me drive for him.

He and NFAC were the toast of social media when he was was demonstrating those powerful images of disciplined black men and women toting AR-15’s and advocating for justice for Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and the legions of unarmed black men and women slain by overzealous and poorly trained cops. And then outta nowhere we read of Grand Master Jay’s arrest, supposedly for pointing a gun at a police officer. According to Mr. Johnson, he used his rifle’s light to better see who was peering at him at a distance. And if the disciplined actions and cooperative spirit with police and city officials that Mr. Johnson and NFAC exhibited when engaging them is any indication, we can rightfully surmise that his arrest is an act of naked racial intimidation.

Let this be a lesson to any black men and women inclined to start their own militias or to join NFAC that they will pay a price; that they will be dealt with. Never mind the scores of militias whites have formed — many of them white supremacists — and the fact that one of them actually planned to do harm to a government official, actually going to her home and placing her under surveillance. So, months later, we find Grand Master Jay entangled in a legal battle, no doubt having to bear the legal defense expense and having to watch his every word, lest the oppressive forces tighten the noose around his neck. I wonder what kind of response he got from the black community. I did not see any protests about his phony arrest. In fact, until I Googled his name, I had not even heard about him being arrested and I am all over the news and social media. This man put everything on the line in defense of the dignity of black people — a 57-year old man — and it’s a sad commentary on the black community that there wasn’t a massive outcry for justice. But such is the fear level among black people. Many of my brethren will bristle at the notion of them being afraid of white people, afraid of authority, but they are. And as long as we walk in fear, live in fear, as the great historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, “You are some form of a slave.”