Tavis Smiley is Back!

Good to see Tavis Smiley have a social media presence again. He was all over Facebook today, looking chipper and refreshed. No, we’re not revisiting his past troubles but focusing on the Tavis Smiley that had most of the African American community as avid fans of his. Of course, he fell outta favor with a lot of folk because he had the ‘audacity’ to criticize Obama, which to many is an unforgivable sin. Cornell West has suffered the same fate. Don’t count me in as one of their critics, as they, unlike most of us, were performing the historical agitator role it takes in this historically racist country.

Lots was lamented during the last election cycle about no Black Agenda, no platform to pin the Democrats down to a verifiable agenda. Well, Tavis had a platform that was garnering a lot of attention; his “State of the Black Union.” Everyone was falling all over themselves be featured during these public discourses. These were precisely the kind of platforms politicians could be pinned down in. Ironically, Barack Obama chose to sidestep these forums, which led to the chasm between he and Tavis and Cornell. I’ve always stated that ‘a politician is a politician is a politician.’ Nobody black or white gets a pass. I’m pulling 100 percent for that brothaa. He’ll rebound effortlessly. Watch and see.

Haiti’s Century of US Coups, Invasions & Puppets

Haiti might be the poorest country in the western hemisphere but that does not preclude the US and its partners in crime from meddling in its internal affairs. Yea, I know, Biden and administration officials go before the press corp and say one thing, knowing damn full well what the real deal is. Call me a conspiracy theorist but there’s centuries of history to undergird my immediate inclination to believe that The Regime Changers were behind yet another overthrow/ destabilization initiative! In fact, there has been so many US-inspired coups and destabilization initiatives engineered by the US and its cohorts that it’s hard to keep track. How many is it now?