Who Are The Ubiquitous Fact Checkers and Who’s Paying Them?

I Googled Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Luc Montagnier and I got three consecutive pages of hits from either Fact Checkers or media entities parroting what the Fact Checkers said. I’ve discovered that when engaging people on social media and sharing information with them about Montagnier, about Dr. Robert Malone, about virologist Geert Vanden Bossche, what I got from many was a quick dismissive response ridiculing them and regurgitating what the Fact Checkers posted. Let’s face it, people are generally intellectually lazy and will not invest any appreciable time into searching for facts. Many want the information handed to them by others. This is the reason why Fact Checkers are so effective and a dangerous tool for censorship. They use SEO, Search Engine Optimization, to secure most if not all of the top spots of a search engine search.

The Luc Montagnier search is a classic example. How is it that a celebrated Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, when searched in a search engine nowadays is besmirched by one Fact Checker after another? It took me to the fifth page, with 10 on each page to get to information that actually delved into what Montagnier’s concerns are about mass vaccinations during a pandemic. On the sixth page, I struck gold — an actual recent interview with Dr. Montagnier. Sandwiched in between were obvious attempts at marginalizing and ridiculing him to the point of painting him as not to be taken seriously. “Hits” like “Who are the people behind the top covid-19 conspiracy theories?” “Luc Montagnier Is Not Losing It. Luc Montagnier Has Lost It” is another one. Or how about this one: “FALSE: Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier says vaccinated people will die within 2 years.” Of course, Dr. Montagnier never stated anything like that. But if your goal is subterfuge, to discredit, spreading lies helps. Then there’s this one: “Fake news alert | Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier didn’t say all vaccinated people will die in two years” which I guess was an attempt to negate the original lie but it only played into creating doubt about this scientist’s mental faculties.


Is COVID-19 The Product of Germ Warfare?

This preacher from Trinidad, Dr. Michael McDowell, is raising more than a few eyebrows on social media. His End Time prophesy and pronouncements about COVID-19 being the product of biological warfare, created in a laboratory has sparked more questions about the origin of SARS CoV2. He makes a very compelling and convincing case in this video that is making its rounds on social media. Yet, Dr. McDowell’s assertions are not the first foray into questioning the origin of this plague.

Dr. Francis Boyle, who spearheaded and drafted the Biological Weapons Act passed by both houses of Congress, came out in February of 2020 and said the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China came from a Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory. Dr. Boyle believes the infectious disease escaped the lab, that the virus is potentially lethal and an offensive biological warfare weapon or dual-use biowarfare weapons agent genetically modified with gain of function properties, which is why the Chinese government originally tried to cover it up and is now taking drastic measures to contain it. “Gain of Function” simply means the pathogen was deliberately modified to make the virus even more lethal to human beings. The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring. This contention dovetails with allegations Dr. David Martin has made.


Death Curve, Before and After Mass Vaccinations

This graph is taken from Trading Economics.com via the WHO. Click on the 1Y link of graph and this graphical representation appears. What is noteworthy is the date December 14, 2020, the date mass vaccinations were put into operation. Whether it’s the vaccines, the variants, a combination or some yet to be discovered reason, the striking correlation is the steady increases in deaths running concurrent with mass vaccinations.


Israelis Facing Fourth [Second] Booster Shot

While Americans are mulling over the likely prospect of getting their first COVID-19 vaccine Booster shot this month, Israeli citizens have already taken their third Pfizer shot (Booster), with Israeli medical czar Nitzan Horowitz indicating that a fourth shot and second Booster is on the horizon. Those who do not receive a booster shot will no longer be considered vaccinated as it relates to restrictions if more than six months have elapsed since their second shot, Israel’s coronavirus czar said Sunday. That change will go into effect on October 1. His message was meant for his fellow Israelis, but it is a warning to the world. Israel has among the world’s highest levels of vaccination for COVID-19, with 78% of those 12 and older fully vaccinated, the vast majority with the Pfizer vaccine. Yet the country is now logging one of the world’s highest infection rates, with nearly 650 new cases daily per million people. More than half are in fully vaccinated people, underscoring the extraordinary transmissibility of the Delta variant and stoking concerns that the benefits of vaccination ebb over time. Is this what’s coming here to the US?

Arrest and Prosecute This Man!

Arrest this man and bring him before the people! He is making some outrageous and monumental allegations against Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and powerful people and institutions that if untrue, if inaccurate, deserves the full wrath of the people. If I run into a crowded movie theater and scream “fire” and the patrons panic and overrun each other leading to injury to one or more of them, I’m legally and criminally responsible for doing so. If you rabble rouse an angry and emotional crowd and you agitate them to the point of rioting, you’ll be charged with Inciting a Riot. Conversely, if there’re career medical practitioners, scientists, professional people making outlandish claims leading people to question the safety and effectiveness of medical procedures , medicines and vaccines that can save people’s lives; claims that result in the injury and/or death of innocent human beings, they should be dealt with accordingly. Right? Then arrest Dr. David E Martin. Put him in handcuffs and take him away to meet his eventual fate. Dr. David Martin believes he’s holding the smoking gun; the origins of SARS, not to confused with SARS CoV2. In fact, Dr. Martin goes so far as to say Anthony Fauci bankrolled the creation of SARS. And he says he has the patents and documentation to prove it.


Man, You Don’t Know What The Hell to Believe!

The headlines are mind boggling. “Ninety-nine percent of people dying of COVID-19 are unvaccinated.” “CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated.” Israel has fully vaccinated 80 percent of her citizens yet COVID variants are running amok! WHAT is going on? Is it any wonder there are so-called “vaccine hesitant” people! Not to overlook the millions of Americans who have been vaccinated who are now frightened outta their natural minds by a overzealous hype-ridden media. Thankfully, someone is trying to provide some context.


Tribalism ‘Trumps’ COVID!

The discourse around COVID-19 has become so toxic, so politicized that it’s almost impossible to engage in any kinda civil discourse anymore. If you are averse to taking one the vaccines that’s been concocted, you’re deemed a a selfish, Trump-loving spreader of the virus. For the record, I am not a anti-vaxxer. I have maintained from the very beginning that I would wait out the first round of vaccinations to see how they went before I stuck my feet in the water. And I’ve been under pressure from family members to take the vaccine. Everyone in my family has taken the vaccine but me. You see, I struggle with the prospect of taking the vaccine because I had, and still have, serious doubts about the origins of COVID-19. And for that matter, I never bought into the AIDS, monkey bites African on the ass ‘hypothesis’ either. The fact is, western governments have been experimenting with germ and biological agents and weaponizing chemical and biological weapons for more than 100 years. Japanese too. And I was all over Dr. Robert Strecker’s ‘The Strecker Memorandum’ back in the late 1980’s.


Summer of Soul, More Than Just Music

The 1969 Summer of Soul movie currently running on hulu is much more than a previously unseen collage of images, narratives and performances by some of soul music greatest icons. It is in so many ways a complex multi-layered indictment of the paucity of progress that black people have made in the US over the last five decades. Just yesterday evening I watched what is presented as news — that being the CBS News with Nora O’Donnell. You might as well been watching the news from 1969, with the predictable focus on crime news in black urban communities juxtaposed by the good-news story of the day; a white man helping poor blacks find their way!