John Campbell Says It’s Time To Stop the Shots

Been following John Campbell for the better part of two years. What I like about him is he is doggedly data driven. He’s produced scores of YouTube videos focusing on COVID vaccine efficacy, vaccine immunity versus natural immunity and vaccine injuries. He’s one of many VACCINATED medical practitioners who have come out as vocal opponents of these synthetic computer-generated gene therapy that many experts say is harming millions of people worldwide. Take note that this segment is on Rumble the social media platform, and not YouTube which is censoring him. Why? He, like a growing chorus of doctors, is calling for the end of these neither safe nor effective “vaccines.”

Correlation is NOT Causation, But …

No, correlation is not causation. Frankly, I don’t know what to make of this phenomenon of Sudden Death — in many cases healthy young people dying of heart failure, cardiac arrest. I heard a remarkable round table discussion the other night on Twitter that included a broad spectrum of medical pros, from pro-vaccine stances to anti COVID vaccine folks. One doctor said he’s torn about the what happened to Damar Hamlin because he’s seen all the videos on social media showing athletes passing out (some dying) on the field. He said he’s struggling with whether it’s like purchasing a new Hyundai Palisade car and then noticing all the Palisades on the roads. Meaning because there’s been so many video images of (presumably vaccinated) athletes having heart attacks that he’s hyper sensitive to the point of projecting that onto Hamlin. And he’s got plenty of company. I’ve seen those videos too. And that’s precisely what I thought when I saw Hamlin keel over.

I blame all of this on government/Big Tech censorship. For those folks who’re furious at people who’d speculate about the vaccines while Damar is fighting for his life — this is what censorship buys you! If career medical experts and people in general were not censored, if there was healthy discourse and debate from the beginning of this pandemic, there’d be no undercurrent of so-called “antivaxxers” and ”conspiracy theorists.” This dialogue would have been out in the open. I agree with these two Cardiologists. Until such time these unexplained sudden deaths are thoroughly investigated, it’s fair game to suspect that these experimental COVID drugs are the problem, Until Proven Otherwise!

Peer Reviewed Study of Vaccine Trial Data Points to 1 in 800 Serious Adverse Events Another Voice Saying, Stop The Shots

The lead author of peer reviewed research re-analyzing Pfizer & Moderna trials on mRNA vaccine, Joseph Fraiman says given findings there should be an immediate suspension of COVID mRNA shots due to serious harms. “We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death.”

This is huge 🔥

Corporate media says ‘Be extra cautious while looking at health information on Twitter’

Remember the “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy” news compilation video? You know, the one wherein scores of TV news outlets were caught parroting the exact same script over and over again in multiple TV markets? Well, here’s the latest iteration and illustration of how our news media has been hijacked by a combination of agenda-driven government pressure, media ownership consolidation, and Big Pharma. Now who do you think they’re targeting with this paid propaganda besides Elon Musk, that dastardly egotistical Billionaire who had the audacity to open up Twitter to career medical experts formerly censored for “misinformation?” Perhaps Dr. Robert Malone, the traitor who pioneered the mRNA technology used to develop these “vaccines” perhaps? Or maybe doctors Paul Marik, Richard Fleming, Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Pierre Kory, Aaron Kheriaty, Shankara Chetty, or Israel’s top doc Shmuel Shapira? Robert F Kennedy Jr. was one of those Twitter accounts that was suspended until recently. Sooo, “be extra cautious while looking at health information on Twitter!” No, be extra cautious while looking at health information on corporate media! The real purveyors of misinformation!!

CDC Finally Released Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses for COVID Vaccines via FOIA

Chalk another one up to FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act. Under unrelenting pressure, the CDC releases safety monitoring analysis of COVID-19 vaccines.

Moderna Doubling Down, Building Multiple UK Plants

Undaunted by growing calls for cessation of COVID mass vaccinations, Moderna appears tone deft to mounting criticism and concern expressed about the safety and effectiveness of their vaccines. The new facility will have the capacity produce up to 250 million vaccines annually.

USRTK, US Right to Know, Documenting The Facts

USRTK is an investigative group operating largely under the radar yet packing a powerful punch. Many of the revelations uncovered in recents months about COVID-19, about the origins of COVID-19, about collusion between government agencies and Facebook and other social media platforms to censor and suppress competing narratives have been the direct result of the selfless work of USRTK. DiopianStyle’s Chuck Penn had a conversation with USRTK’s Stacy Malkan to talk about the work of USRTK.