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Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Virologist Luc Montagnier Says Lab-Originated COVID-19 Has HIV Embedded In It

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Virologist Luc Montagnier

Anthony Fauci continues to be the most sought after TV and print coronavirus expert on the planet. And while journalists fall all over themselves asking for Fauci’s blessings to be with our loved ones over Thanksgiving, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Virologist Luc Montagnier is continuing to study the strange gene sequence in SARS CoV2. And he’s made a few appearances on European TV too. But you wouldn’t know it by mainstream media here in the US. You would think that when a Nobel Peace Prize winning virologist states that the virus that causes AIDS was discovered in the SARS CoV2 virus, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, WashPo and company would stand up and take notice. You think the co-discoverer of AIDS knows a little about HIV? In fact, Luc Montagnier has stated point blank that SARS CoV2 came out of a lab. Not only that, Montagnier says the mysterious COVID-19 gene sequence is embedded with HIV. And that’s not all Montagnier has went on record to state. Now, if you Google his name, good luck getting past page after page of the omnipresent an ubiquitous Fact Checkers doing their usual preemptive strike, in an obvious attempt to smear Montagnier or anyone else who dares to challenge the COVID-19 approved talking points. I’ll save you the time and effort. Click on the link above and stay tuned as I intend to post every one of this public pronouncements about this lab-engineered scourge that has wreaked havoc on the world at large.

Anthony Fauci

Former FDA Officials Find Home With Big Pharma

Do you think there’s a chance that these three former FDA Commissioners, now firmly in bed with all three of the vaccine maker heavy hitters, provide their new employers with an inside track to getting future drugs approved at the FDA? Certainly underscores the perception that the FDA — as well as the other alphabet soup overseers of public health — CDC, WHO, NIAID, NIH are all compromised.

FROM ‘The Dossier’: ”Have an experimental drug that needs rapid authorization from the FDA in order to be sold to the masses? Looking to siphon billions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayer for your newfound pharmaceutical product? In today’s America, you can buy yourself a former FDA commissioner, and use the public-sector private-sector revolving door system of corruption to impose your will on the American public, and make a windfall for your executives and shareholders in the process.”

Lab-Engineered SARS CoV-2 Claims the Life of Colin Powell

The Talking Points and revisionism is already taking fold. With the death of yet the most high-profile personage to die from COVID-19, General Colin Powell, CNN and others are intimating that Colin Powell was battling a blood disorder that exacerbated his condition, leading to his death. Powell’s death is too new of a news story for the storyline to delve into so-called “breakthrough” cases but already corporate media talking heads are using the “rare” word. Rare as in breakthrough COVID deaths. But how “rare” are they? Recent revelations that vaccine deaths within 14 days of the jab not being counted as “fully vaccinated” and vaccine-related deaths and vaccine injuries are grossly underreported to VAERS, and controversy about vaccinated people being more vulnerable to variants — all will certainly be a bone of contention in the days to come. At least among independent media. If past history is an indicator, we can expect mainstream media to ignore any talk of linkage between the General’s death and him being fully vaccinated.

No matter how accurate reports of Powell’s reputed blood disorder is, whether it was what caused his death, it still points to the what some career scientists and medical personnel have been trying to stress all along. And that is — a one-size-fits-all vaccine policy that indiscriminately vaccinates people irrespective of whether they’ve had COVID already or what their medical conditions were previously can and does lead to some people’s demise. General Powell was fully vaccinated.

We don’t want to taint the man’s legacy. And we certainly don’t want to be seen as exploiting his death to score cheap points but there is a cruel irony at play here. The most prominent military personality in most of our lifetimes has lost his life due to a virus that a body of evidence points to a lab origin. This man’s death, whether it was due in part to a prior medical infirmity or not, was made worse by a virus reputed to have been created in a laboratory. The preponderance of evidence points in this direction and with the death of General Colin Powell, justice cries out for truth.

New Study Finds Increases in COVID-19 Unrelated to Levels of Vaccinations Across 68 Countries

This study investigated the relationship between the percentage of people vaccinated and Covid cases across 68 countries and 2947 US counties. Here are the results.

Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protests Break Out in Italy


“”Speaking before the measure was introduced on Friday, Joachim Oberrauch, a 51-year-old high school teacher from Bolzano, said he had been suspended from his job because he had not been inoculated and was angered by the new rules.

“I didn’t get the vaccine because I don’t trust all this chaos and miscommunication that has been going on from the start of the pandemic until now,” he said. “I don’t trust ‘big pharma’, and as of today the news about vaccines has been quite contradictory and confusing, so I decided to postpone it or wait for another vaccine to become available that I am not afraid of.””

News Report From Taiwan: Number of Deaths After Jab Exceed COVID Deaths

Loose Lips Pfizer Employees Caught on Tape by Undercover Journalist

OK, it’s time to bring on the public relations folks. Call in the elite PR firms, gather all the critical staff, the image makers, wordsmiths, the media-connected, and pull out all stops to mitigate and frame this disaster. Do whatever it takes to re-write the narrative. This has to be what is taking place at Pfizer right now. And it’s probably sent ripple effects throughout Moderna and Johnson & Johnson and any of the vaccine makers and manufacturers.

“Watch what you say to anyone outside these doors,” I’m sure is the prevailing refrain. “In fact, say nothing, not even to your spouses or family members. Remember, you signed a NDA, a Non Disclosure Agreement and if you violate that, you will be terminated immediately and are finished in this industry or any industry that requires strict confidentiality.”

Well, woe to the loose lips people caught on tape with this hidden camera. I feel sorry for them. Surely, given the heat and spotlight on vaccine makers and what’s at stake, they should have been more self-aware, more disciplined than to be duped into sharing authentic and candid insights into the thinking of their employers. Can’t wait to see how the Pfizer folks explain away this videotape. And it will be interesting to follow the plight of these vulnerable Pfizer employees caught on tape. Wonder if CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, 60 Minutes, WashPo or the New York Times will pick up this story!

Caught on Tape!