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What would Malcolm X and Dr. King Say About Covid-19 and Vaccines?

There’s been a number of times over the years when a current event at the time prompted me to ponder, ‘What would Malcolm X say about this? What would be his take? The same holds true with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. What would they make of, say, the coronavirus or COVID-19 vaccines? Had they not been assassinated, would they have been out front encouraging black people to take the vaccines?  Or seen taking the jab in photo-up like fashion like Rev. Al Sharpton? Would Malcolm have been kind to all the black celebrities who were front and center encouraging blacks to get vaccinated? Would they have questioned the origin of these viruses? Surely they would have been all over the mysterious appearance of AIDS in Africa, and the 26 million Africans who died from AIDS after Hilary Koprowski’s polio vaccines. Surely Brother Malcolm’s keen perceptive, and analytical mind would have instinctively read foul play into all of the alphabet soup viruses.

But unfortunately we don’t have leaders and men of the caliber of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King anymore. And we don’t have leaders bold enough to challenge the power structure and the bogus prevailing narrative. Were Malcolm alive, he would put the spotlight on Francis Boyle and Boyle’s claim that coronavirus is the result of biological warfare. Dr. King surely would challenge the morality of a nation that would look the other way as unscrupulous scientists and mega pharmaceutical elites plotted ways to profit off human death, illness and misery. He certainly would have validated the allegations of Dr. David E. Martin. They would have stood up, strong. I heard a modern day griot say the other day that when we call upon our ancestors for support and guidance, we are not calling upon dead spirits but living ones; That we carry the spirit of Malcolm X, Dr. King, Harriett Tubman, the spirit off Patrice Lumumba and other freedom-fighting ancestors with us. They’re right there with us, wherever we go, whenever we’re in a tight spot and dealing with oppression and systemic racism. They’re with us. Let us be bold then, and challenge those that need to be challenged. 

Patrice Lumumba

The Gig is Up! Powerful Revelations Point Toward Lab Origin of SARS CoV-2

More than 681,000 precious souls dead, 40 million people have tested positive for COVID-19, the US and world economy, businesses, families, in tatters, the entire world brought to a standstill. And now evidence has surfaced that points to the roots of this very devastating virus. The revelation and evidence? — COVID-19 was made in a laboratory. Not only made in a laboratory but made with the aid of American citizens, including Anthony Fauci himself. A cadre of international citizen investigators named DRASTIC, (Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19) broke the story through sheer tenacity and after combing through voluminous documents and being the beneficiary of whistleblower disclosures. Here’s what they’ve uncovered thus far.

Shi Zhengli inside a laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2017.Credit…Chinatopix, via Associated Press

Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance

“A leaked document shows that in 2018 the EcoHealth alliance had pitched DARPA to fund a huge amount of work on bat coronaviruses including mixing and matching the most dangerous elements of them (so-called chimeric virus assemblies) as well as identifying and inserting the best human furin cleavage sites in them to increase pathogenicity [infectiousness]. All of this work was to be done in collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology up to and including paying a significant portion of “the bat lady’s” salary. DARPA declined to fund this work over obvious concerns.  No matter, this same work was funded by the NIH,which also, for unknown reasons, by-passed the usual institutional oversight governing such dangerous work.” [noted quotations taken from ]

So far, it’s been relative ‘crickets’ from mainstream media! But it’s time for the truth to come out about the origin of coronavirus. There’s enough credible information on the record to either confirm or debunk this. The names being bandied about? Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance, Ralph Baric, an expert in nanotechnology, and Shi Zhengli, “the Bat Lady.” And the biggest name of all, the man who has been a fixture at the NIH, NIAID through six presidents, Anthony Fauci.

Ralph Baric (Megan May/UNC Research)


What Took Alphabet Soup Viruses So Long to Emerge?

AIDS, Ebola, SARS, MERS, H1N1, SARS CoV-2. Every one of these mysterious viruses have emerged within just one lifetime. One lifetime! Experts assert that AIDS was caused by an African monkey. Ebola was caused by an African Fruit Bat. SARS-1 was caused by Asian Palm Civet. MERS was caused by a Dromedary Camel, and SARS CoV-2 was caused by a Chinese bat. Homo Sapiens — humans who look like us — evolved 130,000 years ago from our ancestors who had remained in Africa, we’re told. Bats, Civets, Camels and Monkeys, I’m sure, have been in existence and existing adjacent to and in harmony with human beings since time immemorial. Which prompts one to ponder — What took them so long to manifest? I’ve yet to hear experts explain why these “species jumps,” this recent scourge of viruses, took 129,930 years to emerge?

This Ain’t About

This ain’t about Democrats versus Republicans. This ain’t about Trump supporters versus Biden supporters. This ain’t about MSNBC, CNN and the so-called eastern liberal press versus Fox News, the Breibarts and so-called right-wing media. This ain’t about the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. This ain’t about us versus them or them versus us. 

This is about the origin of COVID-19. This is about secret military laboratories experimenting with viruses and diseases known only to animals and weaponizing those pathogens, in violation of international law. This is about lack of public and governmental oversight. This is about a runaway train in the form of a highly secret geopolitical militarized industry made up of unchecked military budgets, grants, and big pharmaceutical behemoths that have a stranglehold on the very alphabet soup health overseers, organizations who are supposed to protect us. This is about “Gain of Function” so-called “research” being conducted under the guise and cover of “medical science” and “vaccine development”. Gain of Function being the how to’s of taking an animal virus and developing it, aerosoling it, weaponizing it, for God only knows who and what. 

This ain’t about me and you fighting over who’s responsible for the death and destruction that’s been created by COVID-19, or who’s been vaccinated or not vaccinated or pro-vaxxers or anti-vaxxers. This is about American universities like University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and others being in partnership with secret laboratories in military installations like Ft. Dietrick in Maryland and Wuhan in China, using thousands of scientists to research and weaponize viruses and pathogens that have never in the history of mankind affected man. Now, here they come — all within one lifetime: AIDS, Ebola, MERS, SARS, H1N1, and, the second version [enhanced version?] SARS CoV2. 

This ain’t about you and it ain’t about me. It ain’t about politics. It ain’t about Trump and it ain’t about Biden. It’s about a lapdog, co-opted and compromised press, neutered by government censorship, media-ownership-consolidation, and Big Pharma’s $9.6 billion annual advertising budget. It’s about our Fourth Estate (mass media) shirking its historic charter, role and responsibility of being the time-honored government watch-dog. Instead of looking out for our best interests, and protecting our freedoms, they’ve instead been the conveyors of fear, division,  and being mere public relations spokespeople and propagandists for Big Pharma. History will not be kind to them. They will stand indicted. Surely there are some who value ethics, integrity over career and personal gain. Or has Fear of losing everything captured them all? 

No, it ain’t about this prevailing false narrative being bandied about each and every day on mainstream media; this us versus them, this Republicans versus Democrats, Conservatives versus Liberals, this vaccinated versus unvaccinated. This is about diversion. This is about divide and conquer. This is about a cover-up of astronomical proportions. This is about government, corporate and media dereliction of duty. This is about the questionable practice of developing infectious diseases in military and university laboratories under the guise of medical science and vaccine development. It’s about safety or lack thereof. It’s about oversight or lack thereof. It’s about the future of our children, grandchildren and mankind itself.

As we grapple with the monumental sickness and death and destruction of our economy, may we all cease allowing ourselves to be manipulated and divided and pull together and begin to demand some answers. Stop the in-fighting and turn our anger and emotion toward the people and institutions who bear the blame for this catastrophe. Lastly, let’s not be put off by the oft-used dismissive “conspiracy theory” moniker. There’s enough evidence on the record to question so-called “Gain of Function” research, to legitimately ask our government if it’s really necessary to delve into areas of bio “research” God did not create man to do, for man is not God. And it’s past time to hold our government accountable. 

Asian Palm Civit, Source of SARS?

Dromedary Camel, Source of MERS?
African Fruit Bat, Source of Ebola?
OUTSIDE A BAT CAVE in China’s Guangxi province in 2004, Shi Zhengli releases a fruit bat after taking a blood sample. Fruit Bat, Source of SARS CoV-2?

If I Were to Die Tomorrow

If I were to die tomorrow, would people automatically think it was due to Covid? And if it was deemed to be due to Covid, what would people say? What would my family say who have admonished me to take one of the vaccines? What would friends of mine, people who’ve known me for decades say? Would they say ‘Fool, I told him, we told him, but he was too big headed, with all his ‘research’ and pontification. Now, the Negro dead.’ Would anyone say, “They killed him. Those evil bastards that created this virus, this lab monster, killed our brother”? Just as they have killed untold millions of people around the world.” Would one single soul say that? Probably not. You see, that’s the talk of “conspiracy theorists.” Everybody knows that. 

But, is there even a scintilla of truth to the assertion that COVID-19 was created in a lab? I firmly believe that it was. But as a lay person who ran from science when I was in school, what do I know? Yet, there are people who DO know. Dr. Francis Boyle knows. He spearheaded the Biological Weapons Act, passed by both houses of Congress. He came out in February of 2020 and boldly stated that coronavirus is an offensive Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization (WHO) already knows it. And the CDC knows it, and Fauci and his NIAID and NIH and DARPA knows it. “They’re [CDC, WHO, NIAID] up to their eyeballs in it,” says Boyle who is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law.

Dr. David E Martin knows plenty. He has made some real eyebrow raising allegations against Tony Fauci, the CDC and the whole alphabet soup oversight public health bureaucracies. Martin’s research of 4,000 patents related to the coronavirus, with 73 of them that he says make up what we now know as the “novel” coronavirus. Martin says it was part of an elaborate plan to profit off vaccine development, a virus lab-engineered nanotechnology via Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Wuhan’s BSL-4 laboratory. All bankrolled by Anthony Fauci.

Ralph Baric (Megan May/UNC Research)

So, if I were to die from COVID-19, don’t be too hard on me for being cautious, even paranoid, about taking one of the initial vaccines. If even a fraction of what David E. Martin is saying is true; even if a fraction of what Francis Boyle is saying is accurate, somebody has blood on their hands and they need to answer for it. And yes, some of that blood could very well be mine!

“To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, we need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures such as pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process.” Peter Daszak, Source: National Academies Press (US), Feb. 12, 2016 [CLICK ON ALL LINKS]

Dr. Peter Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance

Cookie Cutter Division Served Here!

I stopped watching MSNBC and CNN a couple of months ago and I rarely ever paid any attention to Fox News, whom I’ve been railing at for decades. Well it took me about five minutes today to rediscover why I will continue to ignore the noise from all of them! Caught just a snippet of MSNBC afternoon anchor Nicole Wallace whining about ”Republicans” and their cavalier “disease promotion and indifference to death.” Of course she was bemoaning those ’right-wingers’ for having the audacity to question vaccine mandates and the accepted holy grail vaccine orthodoxy that’s being stuffed down everybody’s throat. Mind you, all of this, as is standsrd for today’s ’us versus them’ paradigm, is presented in such a nice neat little cookie cutter package so that we can all know who the enemy is. Well, what about all of us who don’t fall within this profitable cable news revenue-producing matrix? I’m certainly not a right-winger. I am the antithesis of a Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, a Laura Ingraham. These folks have been pushing their race-tainted agenda for years, most recently manifested in the Critical Race Theory tempest in a teapot.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace

But one thing I’m compelled to do is to give Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson credit for is his questioning of the origins of COVID, his questioning of the current vaccines and the vaccine protocol. Yea, I said that! None of anchors on CNN or MSNBC are questioning anything Fauci and the Alphabet Soup agencies are positing. They’re rubber stamps, simply parroting the official line. Don Lemon wants to deny the unvaccinated entry into a grocery store! “Why are they believing Donald Trump, who lies more than he tells the truth on any given day of the week?” says Lemon. You see, that’s been the biggest problem with cable news coverage of COVID since day one. It’s been politicized and framed in the usual us versus them context. Nevermind that not everyone fits neatly into their cookie cutter paradigm. Tucker Carlson may be taking this vaccine sceptic narrative just to be contrary to his competition but at least someone is at least trying to appear as keeping the vaccine Thought Police honest. Which is more than can be said for CNN, MSNBC, 60 Minutes and the like.

Who Are The Ubiquitous Fact Checkers and Who’s Paying Them?

I Googled Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Luc Montagnier and I got three consecutive pages of hits from either Fact Checkers or media entities parroting what the Fact Checkers said. I’ve discovered that when engaging people on social media and sharing information with them about Montagnier, about Dr. Robert Malone, about virologist Geert Vanden Bossche, what I got from many was a quick dismissive response ridiculing them and regurgitating what the Fact Checkers posted. Let’s face it, people are generally intellectually lazy and will not invest any appreciable time into searching for facts. Many want the information handed to them by others. This is the reason why Fact Checkers are so effective and a dangerous tool for censorship. They use SEO, Search Engine Optimization, to secure most if not all of the top spots of a search engine search.

The Luc Montagnier search is a classic example. How is it that a celebrated Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, when searched in a search engine nowadays is besmirched by one Fact Checker after another? It took me to the fifth page, with 10 on each page to get to information that actually delved into what Montagnier’s concerns are about mass vaccinations during a pandemic. On the sixth page, I struck gold — an actual recent interview with Dr. Montagnier. Sandwiched in between were obvious attempts at marginalizing and ridiculing him to the point of painting him as not to be taken seriously. “Hits” like “Who are the people behind the top covid-19 conspiracy theories?” “Luc Montagnier Is Not Losing It. Luc Montagnier Has Lost It” is another one. Or how about this one: “FALSE: Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier says vaccinated people will die within 2 years.” Of course, Dr. Montagnier never stated anything like that. But if your goal is subterfuge, to discredit, spreading lies helps. Then there’s this one: “Fake news alert | Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier didn’t say all vaccinated people will die in two years” which I guess was an attempt to negate the original lie but it only played into creating doubt about this scientist’s mental faculties.


Death Curve, Before and After Mass Vaccinations

This graph is taken from Trading via the WHO. Click on the 1Y link of graph and this graphical representation appears. What is noteworthy is the date December 14, 2020, the date mass vaccinations were put into operation. Whether it’s the vaccines, the variants, a combination or some yet to be discovered reason, the striking correlation is the steady increases in deaths running concurrent with mass vaccinations.