Investigative Journalism is not dead!

I’ve had a love affair with mass media since I was 16 years old. At that time I had not developed the requisite self esteem to see myself beyond ‘Columbia School of Broadcasting.’ That was my dream then — to become a radio announcer. I ended up going to college and eventually earning a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications and I spent the lion’s share of my career in mass media in one form or the other; in front of and behind the camera. At one time, I truly believed in the Fourth Estate, Journalism, the only institution sandwiched between government and corporate corruption and the general public, the entity most likely to be victims of high-level corruption. Over the decades, I’ve watched helplessly as politicians, Democrat and Republican, whittled away the Fourth Estate, allowing media outlets to be gobbled up by corporate behemoths to the point that only a handful of elites own all of the media. Gone is the Fourth Estate and the traditional watchdog role the Fourth Estate provided. In its place is a compromised, co-opted corporate media that routinely shirks its responsibility to keep governments and corporations honest. A corporate media that now serves as the tool of the Military Industrial Complex burgeoning Surveillance State.

Fortunately, all is not lost. With the advent of lab-made COVID-19, with all of the subterfuge, cover-ups and almost universal censorship, there’s evidence of a growing new media; independent media, indy journalists taking on the juggernaut of cookie cutter, formula reporting corporate media. Several independent journalists have particularly distinguished themselves, despite facing censorship and character assassinations. Here’s three of them — even though there are more in the trenches. We’ll spotlight them for accolades in the future. They are worthy of our recognition and praise. Let’s begin with Sam Husseini, Emily Kopp and Whitney Webb.

Sam Husseini is an independent journalist and I’m sure a royal pain to State Department spokespeople with his disciplined persona in asking tough questions that would unnerve any media relations pro. I know. As a former spokesperson, I used to be in that hot seat! Lately Mr. Husseini has taken his laser focus to the origins of Ebola. Yes, Ebola. Not to suggest that he hasn’t zeroed in on COVID origins and the mysterious blowing up of the Nordstream Pipeline as well. This cat is the real deal! I’ve read and posted materials from Sam Hosseini’s Substack page on Facebook, only to have it shadow banned and suppressed. I’ll keep posting it anyway.

Emily Kopp is a joy to follow. I’ve been tracking her every post on Twitter, @emilyakopp. Despite being trashed by those she is exposing, Ms. Kopp is relentless in her quest to get to the bottom of the origins of COVID and she’s been a thorn in the side of Pandemic Perpetrators who would conjure up Raccoon Dogs and other bogus diversions to cover up their reckless behavior. She also writes for US Right To Know, a bulldog of a nonprofit who is responsible for garnering reams of damaging emails and documents via FOIA requests.

And what can you say about Whitney Webb? Wow, just wow! Whitney Webb is simply spectacular. Ms. Webb is a writer, podcaster and researcher at Unlimited Hangout, and The Last American Vagabond who covers Intelligence, Big Tech, Surveillance and Civil Liberties. She is also the author of the new book, “One Nation Under Blackmail,” a mammoth two-volume book chock full of revelations. She’s tireless in her research and pulls nary a punch while aiming her focus on some of the most powerful in the world. Kudos and Accolades to Sam Husseini, Emily Kopp and Whitney Webb. Maybe there’s hope for investigative journalism after all. We need to protect and support these principled journalists! We need more of them.

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