Kennedy POTUS Announcement Gets Tepid Media Response

Robert F. Kennedy Jr running for President is HUGE news! You’re talking about a man who comes from a family that is as close to royalty in the United States as any family. A man whose uncle was hugely popular, President of the United States and was assassinated and whose father, Robert F. Kennedy Sr, who was a shoo-in to become President of the United States before he too was assassinated. A lifelong Democrat that one would think left-leaning CNN and MSNBC would be falling over each other to cover. Not! I can’t wait until the primaries. I wanna see how America’s co-opted “ideological news” operations cover Kennedy. It’s also going to be interesting to see how Social Media platforms handle themselves given that Google/YouTube and Meta/Facebook censored Kennedy and censored those of us who posted positive depictions of Kennedy. He’s going to pull the covers off a whole lotta people, including Trump, Biden, Fauci, and the cadre of corrupt alphabet soup health overseers. It’ll be refreshing to see someone with integrity run for office. Must Watch TV.

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