Jail Fauci Tee Shirts Show Up at Congressional Hearings

A number of people showed up last week at the congressional hearings on COVID origins donning ‘Jail Fauci’ tee shirts, which prompted me to look to what’s currently being marketed. There are a quite a few of them. This is my favorite.

Speaking of Batman Fauci, I see he did yet another one of his revisionist puff piece interviews with a placating New York Times last week. I was going to post it but there’s a Pay Wall to read it. Got to give it to his handlers, they got major “juice” in setting him up with fawning media and presenting Fauci in the most positive light. I’m one of those folks who strongly believes Fauci should be UNDER the jail! And every time I witness some poor kid holed up in some ghetto somewhere having the book thrown at him for a non-violent crime, my blood boils. Because here’s a man who is responsible for the deaths of millions of precious souls worldwide. Yet, in our world where the rich and powerful break all the rules with impunity, he walks free and unscathed. Even has the audacity to say he sleeps well at night. Yet if I hit a pedestrian with my car in a crosswalk, and heaven forbid, that person dies or is seriously injured, I’m in serious do do. No matter how sorry I am for my mistake.

Yes, there are some folks who’re working feverishly to get Fauci; to hold him legally accountable. I wish them well. But it pains me to say it ain’t gonna happen. This man is the ultimate insider to the stealth biological weapons/ biodefense industry who knows all the hidden secrets about all of the many pathogens and bioweapons developed over the last four decades on his watch — and presented to the public as zoonotic (natural) viruses. He’s untouchable.

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