Corporate media says ‘Be extra cautious while looking at health information on Twitter’

Remember the “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy” news compilation video? You know, the one wherein scores of TV news outlets were caught parroting the exact same script over and over again in multiple TV markets? Well, here’s the latest iteration and illustration of how our news media has been hijacked by a combination of agenda-driven government pressure, media ownership consolidation, and Big Pharma. Now who do you think they’re targeting with this paid propaganda besides Elon Musk, that dastardly egotistical Billionaire who had the audacity to open up Twitter to career medical experts formerly censored for “misinformation?” Perhaps Dr. Robert Malone, the traitor who pioneered the mRNA technology used to develop these “vaccines” perhaps? Or maybe doctors Paul Marik, Richard Fleming, Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Pierre Kory, Aaron Kheriaty, Shankara Chetty, or Israel’s top doc Shmuel Shapira? Robert F Kennedy Jr. was one of those Twitter accounts that was suspended until recently. Sooo, “be extra cautious while looking at health information on Twitter!” No, be extra cautious while looking at health information on corporate media! The real purveyors of misinformation!!

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