Been Gone Too Long! But I’m Back to Stay

I don’t know what has to happen for me to get it into my thick skull to leave Facebook alone! I’m sooo tired of fighting with them. Like legions of other people, they have harassed me at every turn, accusing me of violating ‘community standards,’ suspending me from posting, moving my post down the Feed indefinitely, shadow banning and outright censoring my material from view. And while I’m up to the task in taking Facebook on, I’m not so sure posting on Facebook is wise anymore given their relentless information suppression. So, I’m back to where I should have been all along, using my own platform to speak truth unabashedly. So, what’s happened since I lasted posted?

Republicans have demanded a halt to financing risky virus-hunting groups like EcoHealth Alliance and Metabiota. Democrats are mum on the subject. Which reallyunderscores how effective the media-driven Liberal versus Conservative, Right vs Left, Democrat vs Republican narrative has worked. People actually see the whole issue of SARS CoV2, vaccines, the lab origins of the virus that’s killed millions and those clandestine “Pandemic Mitigators” lurking under the radar playing God as a political construct. If you’re a Democrat, you blast anyone espousing a narrative questioning the origins of COVID or vaccines. Or if you’re a Republican, you’re dismissive of any Democrat, assuming all Democrats are for medical tyranny!

Esteemed Professor Jeffrey Sachs has went on record several times to say COVID-19 was created in a lab and he has ruffled more than a few of The Regime Changers’ feathers by boldly stating that the US is at fault for the Russian-Ukraine War.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has doubled down on Anthony Fauci by releasing a powerful documentary based on his book, ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ which has sold over one million copies.

Two members of the European Parliament, Christine Anderson and Rob Roos have forcefully spoken out underscoring the many lies that have been spread about those suspect COVID vaccines, including Roos’ compelling exchange with a top Pfizer executive who admitted that Pfizer never tested their “vaccine” to see if it blocked transmission!

Grandmaster J of NFAC, Not Fucking Around Coalition is facing a sentence of 7-20 years in prison for trumped up charges that allege that he pointed his AR-15 at federal agents.

Despite the millions of people worldwide who have lost their lives to lab-created SARS CoV2 and COVID-19, Boston University just announced that it conducted some experiments splicing the COVID Omicron Variant with the original Wuhan strain.

Robert F. Kennedy wrote a powerful book ‘Letter to Liberals’ in an attempt to catalog the many ways in which the left wing of the Democratic Party has gone astray.

Dr. Meryl Nass, a Maine based physician has been put through the ringer by medical and State of Maine officials due to her outspokenness about COVID vaccines and the unprecedented hurdles that was placed in the way of doctors practicing their profession. It appears that she is well on her to kicking those overreaching snobs square in their asses!

Another amazing story that got downplayed in my absence was that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time in weeks! And this after his FOURTH jab!! But there Bourla was on Twitter telling everyone he was fine with mild symptoms and touting Paxaloid. Moderna’s CEO Stéphane Bancel was captured on video at the World Economic Forum crying on the shoulders of participants because he has to throw 30 million doses of taxpayer-funded vaccines in the garbage because “nobody wants them.” See video.

That’s a lot of catching up! But there’s more to share in Part II. Also, stay tuned for an interview I’m going to publishing with Stacy Malkan of US Right to Know and I’m going to be interviewing Law Professor Francis Boyle who wrote the Biological and Chemical Weapons Convention. Can’t wait for that one!

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