Whatever Became of DOD’s ‘FUNVAXX? Did They Deploy It To Destroy Heightened VMAT2 Gene?

Cardiologist and COVID-19 origins researcher Dr. Richard Fleming ran this clip during his Event 2021 Webinar event he held months ago. The event was chock full of information about COVID-19, its treatment, origins, vaccines, vaccine trials, efficacy data and a plethora of other details. Snuggled inside one of his segments was this eye-popping 2005 Department of Defense video presentation. Which leads to the question — whatever became of it? Was FunVaxx ever deployed? If so, what methodology did they use and on whom? The notion that man can conjure up and concoct a “virus” and or “vaccine” that can affect the brain of masses of people to the point that “religious fanatics” can be made “normal” is astounding! Those of us who are “religious” or could conceivable respond to religious texts in a manner that would suggest that our “VMAT2 gene” indicates that we’re fanatics and would-be targets of said virus. If you’re a Christian and the words of Christ moves you to chills, would your brain scan suggest that you’re a religious fanatic, per these folks’ hypothesis? The VMAT2 or Vesicular Monoamine Transporter 2 is the reputed “God Gene” that human spirituality is influenced by. Dean Hamer, a molecular geneticist, claimed to have discovered the “God Gene.” The Washington Times published an article on Hamer’s purported discovery back in 2004. Which interestingly enough predates this April 2005 presentation.

Watch this 2005 Dept of Defense video clip and listen very closely to what is being presented. This is a DOD presentation on the VMAT2 gene and FunVaxx, a vaccine and/or virus developed targeted toward “religious fanatics” in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The virus and/or vaccine being proposed would be spread via flu or Rhino viruses and vaccinations. You’ll hear one of the audience participants specifically ask if the virus would be spread through aerosolizing it. The presenter says they had already tested the method of spreading it, that spreading it via respiratory flu and Rhino viruses and vaccinations was the best way to get maximum exposure to the largest part of the population.

Please share this video with as many people as you can. Share it privately or publicly. You can share it by telling people to watch it on Facebook Video. Just share it. In particular, share it with people prone to call others a “conspiracy theorist.” Many of us who questioned COVID-19 and the vaccines were shamed for doing so. This DOD video lends credence of the reality of lab-created viruses.

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