Former FDA Officials Find Home With Big Pharma

Do you think there’s a chance that these three former FDA Commissioners, now firmly in bed with all three of the vaccine maker heavy hitters, provide their new employers with an inside track to getting future drugs approved at the FDA? Certainly underscores the perception that the FDA — as well as the other alphabet soup overseers of public health — CDC, WHO, NIAID, NIH are all compromised.

FROM ‘The Dossier’: ”Have an experimental drug that needs rapid authorization from the FDA in order to be sold to the masses? Looking to siphon billions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayer for your newfound pharmaceutical product? In today’s America, you can buy yourself a former FDA commissioner, and use the public-sector private-sector revolving door system of corruption to impose your will on the American public, and make a windfall for your executives and shareholders in the process.”

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