Loose Lips Pfizer Employees Caught on Tape by Undercover Journalist

OK, it’s time to bring on the public relations folks. Call in the elite PR firms, gather all the critical staff, the image makers, wordsmiths, the media-connected, and pull out all stops to mitigate and frame this disaster. Do whatever it takes to re-write the narrative. This has to be what is taking place at Pfizer right now. And it’s probably sent ripple effects throughout Moderna and Johnson & Johnson and any of the vaccine makers and manufacturers.

“Watch what you say to anyone outside these doors,” I’m sure is the prevailing refrain. “In fact, say nothing, not even to your spouses or family members. Remember, you signed a NDA, a Non Disclosure Agreement and if you violate that, you will be terminated immediately and are finished in this industry or any industry that requires strict confidentiality.”

Well, woe to the loose lips people caught on tape with this hidden camera. I feel sorry for them. Surely, given the heat and spotlight on vaccine makers and what’s at stake, they should have been more self-aware, more disciplined than to be duped into sharing authentic and candid insights into the thinking of their employers. Can’t wait to see how the Pfizer folks explain away this videotape. And it will be interesting to follow the plight of these vulnerable Pfizer employees caught on tape. Wonder if CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, 60 Minutes, WashPo or the New York Times will pick up this story!

Caught on Tape!

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