Virologist Geert Vanden Bossche, A Voice Calling Out in the Wilderness

Virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche if nothing else has been consistent. He has for more than a year been calling on the CDC, WHO, NIH, and all the of the alphabet soup health overseer organizations to cease mass vaccinations immediately. Vanden Bossche maintains that mass vaccinations in the midst of a pandemic with “leaky” vaccines creates more infectious variants. Speaking out early on in the mass vaccination has earned him scorn, rebukes from colleagues and banishment from mainstream discourse. Which has prompted him to take to his website and take on his detractors and to make his case. Along the way, he has picked a lot of supporters from people averse to taking the jab as well as those of us searching for answers and clarity amongst all the conflicting and confusing information.

Given that he is a career scientist and virologist, the idea that he is an anti-vaxxer by the very definition of his profession is nonsensical. He is a proponent of vaccines but is challenging the mass vaccination protocol itself; suggesting that that protocol will not end the pandemic but will only facilitate the spread of the virus with more infectious variants. Recently he has been vocal against the notion that the inability of reaching herd immunity rests with the unvaccinated and he is staunchly against any form of one faction blaming the other. Frankly, he’s been a breath of fresh air for those of us looking for unity and balance.

Just as he did in the very earliest stages of the pandemic, Vanden Bossche has written an open letter to the WHO. Other than the ubiquitous Fact Checkers and a few colleagues, he’s been ignored by the scientific academy — not because his hypothesis lacks merit, but because it does, and many of his colleagues have intimated that to him privately but fear for their careers should they say so publicly. Here’s his open letter. In fact, check out his entire website. He’s also been featured in a number of Youtube videos explaining his hypothesis and has been paying copious attention to those countries with high vaccination rates such as Israel and the UK.

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