The Unvaccinated: The New Lepers

In the movie Ben Hur, there’s a scene where Judah Ben-Hur’s beloved and falsely imprisoned mother and sister, physically impaired from leprosy, are encountered by some the of the townspeople and once they get a good look at them, they exclaim in abject fear, “Lepers,” and everyone hauls ass away from them. Today, those of us who remain unvaccinated are the new Lepers. We are the object of scorn, disdain and fear. We are the people carrying the weight and the blame for delaying ”herd immunity” and we are the unfortunate souls being blamed for the deaths of our fellow citizens because we are unvaccinated. Even though the very experts (Fauci) who have grudgingly admitted that people who have been vaccinated can and do contract and spread the virus, and die from it, it is the unvaccinated people, the Lepers, who are being blamed for the disruption in everyone else’s life because they refuse to get vaxxed.

Moreover, these unvaccinated Lepers are the evil ones, getting in the way of herd immunity, even though countries like Gilbraltar, Malta, Iceland, Belgium, Singapore, and Israel with relatively smaller populations — and higher vaccination rates — have not reached herd immunity and are experiencing a surge in COVID infections, hospitalizations and deaths. Yes, people fully vaxxed are dying! Gibraltar, with a paltry 34,000 people, has achieved complete 100 percent of their population yet the number of infections grew 19-fold. Malta has vaccinated 84 percent of her 500,000 inhabitants yet infections since July were on the increase. Belgium has 75 percent of its population with at least one dose and 65 percent fully dosed yet daily infections have risen from less than 500 to nearly 2000. Singapore has 80 percent of its population with at least one dose but seen its infections grow exponentially. Israel, long assumed to be the standard bearer, has vaxxed 70 percent. At the end of July, 71 percent of the 118 seriously ill Israelis were fully vaccinated.

So what does that say about the current array of vaccines? About herd immunity? How do we explain all of this away? If the premise for forced vaccinations and vaccine passports is that vaccines protect us from the virus and therefore those who refuse to be vaxxed are endangering those who are vaxxed, how do we reconcile the reality that both can and do spread the virus; that vaccinated people are getting sick and spreading the virus, and dying from it? Just think of the pure absurdity of it all. You get vaccinated against a virus. But you blame those who are not vaccinated for endangering you from a virus you’ve been “fully” vaccinated from contracting. Only months later, you find out from the very authorities that you CAN contract and SPREAD the virus. Yet, it’s the Lepers, the unvaccinated, the people keeping you from resuming a normal life. It’s all their fault. What kinda sense does that make? People actually expect you to embrace this illogical nonsense. And all of this has created even more societal fissures among people, among nations, within families and within marriages. People are being traumatized, losing their livelihoods, being forced to have a substance injected into their bodies against their will. Some are part of society’s social safety net. Police, firefighters, doctors and other medical personnel, military. Their governments have deemed them all to be today’s Lepers. And to think that it’s all over a virus that has a better than 99 percent survival rate!

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