OK, I’m Ready to Take the Jab Which One Should I Take?

OK, I’ve been beaten down, berated, called selfish, stuck on stupid, super spreader, antivaxxer, anti-science, and even a killer. After doing exactly as I said I would do from the very beginning, and encouraging others to do the same, which is wait and watch through the first round of vaccinations, I’m on the precipice of getting the jab. Yep. You see, I’m tired of being treated like I’m a Leper. Tired of being stressed out and the subject of rolled eyes and sucked teeth and ”who does he think he is” and ”you’re hurting our people,” [by questioning vaccines], ”you got a death wish” (even though the Infection Fatality Rate for people who actually catch COVID-19, or more specifically the survival rate is 99.6 percent). One sister I’ve known for a long time said, ”I’m disappointed in you.” Disappointed in me, huh?

To all those people who have been beating up on me and others like me, calling us everything but a child of God, I ask, what vaccine do I take? Which one? Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson. Which one? And if I select Pfizer for example, do I take the first two jabs that were designed specifically for the Alpha version of the coronavirus. Or given that Delta variant has emerged and neutered those two jabs, should I take the booster instead? The same holds true for the Moderna jab. It too was designed to counter the Alpha variant, and it too has waning protective coverage like the others. In fact, the leadership of Israel entered into an exclusive arrangement with Pfizer to inoculate their citizenry. It’s difficult to keep up with Israel’s vaccination rates because they keep adding more booster shot requirements but I’ve seen reports of as much as 78 percent of their population has been vaxxed. Yet there’s no herd immunity in sight, only more boosters and ever changing minimum requirements to qualify for an Israeli Green Card, the equivalent of a Vaccine Passport. So, given that none of the current cadre of “vaccines” will provide any more than 85 days protection [according to certified biological and chemical warfare and infectious disease expert, virologist Dr. Lane Rolling] which one do I take? Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson. Or do I take the booster? So, please tell me what vaccine I should take? 

One thought on “OK, I’m Ready to Take the Jab Which One Should I Take?

  1. No body knows the answer to the questions you asked. That is why I am still on the fence about taking it myself. They have made this whole thing too sketchy for my taste. The experience reminds me of when those Puritans gave small pox infected blankets to the peoples of the First Nation.


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