I Don’t Wear a MAGA Hat! But When it Comes to Forced Vaccinations & Vaccine Passports I Stand in Solidarity with Anyone Against Medical Tyranny

I do not wear a MAGA hat. I do not support Donald Trump. I do not participate in overrunning the US Capitol. And in all fairness, neither do all Trump supporters. I do not appreciate Trump’s politics, his manner of speech, his propensity to demean his detractors, his race-baiting, or his policies in general. I am the complete antithesis of Donald Trump and the vast majority of his politics. No offense to those who do support Trump. To each his or her own. This is a Democracy. People can choose their politics as they damn well please. What I do take exception to and what infuriates me is the notion that ANYONE averse to COVID-19 vaccines is somehow or another some ‘right-wing’ fringe nut. Or an “Anti-Vaxxer” or “anti-science.” I’m a left-leaning so-called liberal/progressive Super Voter who has never voted for a Republican candidate in my entire adult life. And not because the Democrats are any better. Their rhetoric is more palatable. They whisper sweet nothings in your ear while producing nothing in the form of meaningful legislation that mirrors their rhetoric. But I have even less respect for the Republican Party. However, putting all of the that aside, our illustrious mass media conglomerates and their perpetual talking heads have sold us all a bill of goods that purports that coronavirus pro-vaccine enthusiasts and anti-vaccine proponents are neatly categorized on the left and right wing of the political spectrum. NOT!

Through MSNBC and CNN on the left and Fox News on the right, each one them have played the American people like a fiddle! Everyone knows ANYONE who exercises caution or is outright hostile toward having an unproven and rushed “vaccine” injected into their bodies HAVE to be Anti-Vaxxers, right? No matter how many previous vaccinations they and their children have had. “Us versus Them” works like a charm. And the elites, the owners of those media juggernauts, are laughing all the way to the bank. They’ve snookered just about everyone. Here’s where I draw the line in the sand. No, I will NOT allow my government to force unwanted vaccines on me. No neatly contrived political cookie cutter narrative, where all the players are placed in well-defined demarcation, is going to hoodwink me. This is where I stand in solidarity with people who support Trump and people who support Biden and people who support neither of them! I stand in total solidarity with anyone — white, black, Latino, Hispanic, Asian, Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Moderate, LGBGTQ, Straight, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheists — I stand arm in arm with anyone against Censorship, anyone against forced vaccinations, anyone against vaccine passports, anyone against government usurping the Constitution of the United States, and anyone against any law, edict or policy, government or corporate that would give the power of the State or a corporation control over my body or anyone else’s body. And I want to appeal to all people of all races and all political ideologies — WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER!!! We can break ranks and argue and disparage one another over politics and policies until the cows come home, but when it comes to giving in to medical tyranny, giving in to the plutocrats, the powerful wealthy elites, the Thought Police who would censor and enslave us by taking away our basic human rights, I say no. HELL NO!!!!

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