Who Are The Ubiquitous Fact Checkers and Who’s Paying Them?

I Googled Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Luc Montagnier and I got three consecutive pages of hits from either Fact Checkers or media entities parroting what the Fact Checkers said. I’ve discovered that when engaging people on social media and sharing information with them about Montagnier, about Dr. Robert Malone, about virologist Geert Vanden Bossche, what I got from many was a quick dismissive response ridiculing them and regurgitating what the Fact Checkers posted. Let’s face it, people are generally intellectually lazy and will not invest any appreciable time into searching for facts. Many want the information handed to them by others. This is the reason why Fact Checkers are so effective and a dangerous tool for censorship. They use SEO, Search Engine Optimization, to secure most if not all of the top spots of a search engine search.

The Luc Montagnier search is a classic example. How is it that a celebrated Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, when searched in a search engine nowadays is besmirched by one Fact Checker after another? It took me to the fifth page, with 10 on each page to get to information that actually delved into what Montagnier’s concerns are about mass vaccinations during a pandemic. On the sixth page, I struck gold — an actual recent interview with Dr. Montagnier. Sandwiched in between were obvious attempts at marginalizing and ridiculing him to the point of painting him as not to be taken seriously. “Hits” like “Who are the people behind the top covid-19 conspiracy theories?” “Luc Montagnier Is Not Losing It. Luc Montagnier Has Lost It” is another one. Or how about this one: “FALSE: Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier says vaccinated people will die within 2 years.” Of course, Dr. Montagnier never stated anything like that. But if your goal is subterfuge, to discredit, spreading lies helps. Then there’s this one: “Fake news alert | Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier didn’t say all vaccinated people will die in two years” which I guess was an attempt to negate the original lie but it only played into creating doubt about this scientist’s mental faculties.

Who are these Fact Checkers? What are the qualifications of the people who are sitting in judgment of career scientists? What is their revenue stream or more bluntly, who’s paying them? The truth of it is, COVID-19 has pulled the covers off of Fact Checkers and created a general mistrust to the point of damaging their reputations and the Fact Checkers’ industry. During election season, when politicians predictably tell outright lies and half truths — who’s going to believe the Fact Checkers? Those of us who have endeavored to garner all sides of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines and all, have been given a textbook example of the dangers of automatically assuming that Fact Checkers are going to provide the unvarnished truth. Any Fact Checker that receives any money from the Pharmaceutical industry, either directly or indirectly, should not be in a position to posit anything related to it. Moreover, all Fact Checkers should be in the same vein as the Consumer Reports paradigm, accepting no money from any corporate or political entity. I leave you with this real life example of censorship.

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