Arrest and Prosecute This Man!

Arrest this man and bring him before the people! He is making some outrageous and monumental allegations against Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and powerful people and institutions that if untrue, if inaccurate, deserves the full wrath of the people. If I run into a crowded movie theater and scream “fire” and the patrons panic and overrun each other leading to injury to one or more of them, I’m legally and criminally responsible for doing so. If you rabble rouse an angry and emotional crowd and you agitate them to the point of rioting, you’ll be charged with Inciting a Riot. Conversely, if there’re career medical practitioners, scientists, professional people making outlandish claims leading people to question the safety and effectiveness of medical procedures , medicines and vaccines that can save people’s lives; claims that result in the injury and/or death of innocent human beings, they should be dealt with accordingly. Right? Then arrest Dr. David E Martin. Put him in handcuffs and take him away to meet his eventual fate. Dr. David Martin believes he’s holding the smoking gun; the origins of SARS, not to confused with SARS CoV2. In fact, Dr. Martin goes so far as to say Anthony Fauci bankrolled the creation of SARS. And he says he has the patents and documentation to prove it.

But are not people making serious allegations against others liable, open to being sued for libel if not true? Yet, there are none who are taking this man to task. Why? Are there people who know that this man is holding the smoking gun? Are the accused simply trying to ignore Dr. Martin while whistling through the graveyard, and hoping no one else is taking note? Dr. David Martin has outwardly accused Anthony Fauci of financing the research that led to COVID-19. In fact, he said Fauci created SARS, the precursor to SARS CoV2! Dr. Martin, who founded a company responsible for contractual oversight of international patents of all types asserts that Fauci actually tried to patent the coronavirus for AIDS back in 2008. The patent office rejected his patent application because it did not meet the minimum standards for a vaccine. He asserts that In 2002, NIAID built an “infectious replication defective coronavirus that was targeted for human lung epithelium.” months before the outbreak in Asia. We engineered all of the elements of it, asserts Martin. US patent # 7279327 

Martin says this patent “clearly lays out the gene sequencing, ACE receptor, spike protein, and other elements. It was engineered, and could be synthetically modified in the lab using gene sequencing technology to create a pathogen or intermediate of it. It was funded to harness coronavirus as a vector for an HIV vaccine.” WOW! Moreover, Martin says in 2003, three days after CDC filed its patents for SARS, a pharmaceutical company filed for a patent for treatment for it. “How can you have a treatment available three days after a thing is invented? There was clearly insider information involved, since the CDC paid to keep the information private.” Interestingly enough, Martin asserts that in June 2008, DARPA took an active interest in coronavirus as a bioweapon.

Why no CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, 60 Minutes? These are scandalous allegations that cannot go unanswered or unchallenged. Again, arrest this man and bring him before the people!

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