Tribalism ‘Trumps’ COVID!

The discourse around COVID-19 has become so toxic, so politicized that it’s almost impossible to engage in any kinda civil discourse anymore. If you are averse to taking one the vaccines that’s been concocted, you’re deemed a a selfish, Trump-loving spreader of the virus. For the record, I am not a anti-vaxxer. I have maintained from the very beginning that I would wait out the first round of vaccinations to see how they went before I stuck my feet in the water. And I’ve been under pressure from family members to take the vaccine. Everyone in my family has taken the vaccine but me. You see, I struggle with the prospect of taking the vaccine because I had, and still have, serious doubts about the origins of COVID-19. And for that matter, I never bought into the AIDS, monkey bites African on the ass ‘hypothesis’ either. The fact is, western governments have been experimenting with germ and biological agents and weaponizing chemical and biological weapons for more than 100 years. Japanese too. And I was all over Dr. Robert Strecker’s ‘The Strecker Memorandum’ back in the late 1980’s.

So when I began to notice how career scientists like Geert Vanden Bosshe, former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon and Luc Montagnier, who co-discovered AIDS — how they were being ridiculed, banished and censored from mainstream social media platforms, I’m saying, ‘hey, wait a minute, what do these folks — the Thought Police controlling the accepted narrative — have to hide’? Where’s the normal disagreement, point counter point that advances science? Why is it now persona non grata? So much so that experts like these can no longer have a presence on YouTube and Facebook, and the like. Remember what happened to Judy Miklovits?

Had an interesting exchange with a Facebook user earlier today who ridiculed a link I provided him on Dr. David E. Martin. Dr. Martin has decades of experience flushing out fraud as it relates to Patents and he has found what could be the smoking gun with multiple entries applying for and being granted patents on the coronavirus — get this — in the early 2000’s! Remember COVID-19 does not appear until late 2019, early 2020. Why would anyone want a patent on a virus? Or more accurately, how does 73 equal one “novel” coronavirus? But I digress. Anyway, this gentleman swiftly dismissed the information I was providing him because it is housed on the upstart “” It didn’t occur to him that the reason why Dr. David Martin and Dr. Rainer Fuelmich were on is because they’ve been banished from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and mainstream media outlets who are running from them as though they have the bubonic plague! By the way, Facebook flagged me posting that link for violating ‘Community Standards.’

As one who has spent a great deal of time studying the history of African peoples and the many atrocities visited on black people, in addition to the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, and one who is the antithesis of the likes of Donald Trump, it particularly disconcerting to be compared to a Trumper! But such is the world we live in today wherein just about everything is viewed through the prism of politics, Left vs Right, Conservative vs Liberal. And I hate labels. I’m not too fond of criminals who wreak havoc on innocent human beings to profiteer either.

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