The number is now 102!

In case no one is paying attention, the number of COVID-19 vaccines currently under development is now 102, up from 98 just days ago. The question occurs to me — if the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines are so effective, why are there 102 different vaccines at varying stages of development underway? If “safe and ‘EFFECTIVE'” is the mantra, then why all the scientific effort trying to develop even more ‘safe and effective’ COVID-19 vaccines? Is it, perhaps, due to the reality that the Kool Aid so many of us drank is not the potion that we need? Obviously, none of the so-called “vaccines” have proven to prevent the fully vaccinated from contracting and spreading the virus. So, it becomes self evident why scientific experts are working feverishly to find a true vaccine.

Meanwhile, The Thought Police shames anyone who questions their narrative about these experimental drugs. You are likely to be dismissed as a COVID spreading “conspiracy theorist,” a right-wing Trump supporter, Fox Newsbot, or outright lunatic for not towing the company line. This comes as the President of the United States is walking back previous assertions, accusing Facebook of killing people! Can you believe that? In other words, Facebook’s docile-like capitulation and compliance to Big Pharma and the US government elites trying to impose its will, censoring anyone questioning ‘conventional wisdom’ is not enough. Biden and company want even more stringent censorship.

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